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All she wanted was an HR Software system that works...The Story of CBARS Human Capital Management Software

At the turn of the century Naomi Kleynhans was tasked to implement the various emerging legislative requirements and HR best practice processes which had become the cornerstone of high performing organisations worldwide. Naomi realised very quickly that without proper HR management software, things will never work. As Naomi always says, without a proper HR software system your Human Resources Management processes will collapse under its own paperweight.

CBARS HR Software System HRIS

Naomi started investigating different HR Software systems available, the one system after the other, getting increasingly frustrated by the high cost, long implementation times and low level of customer satisfaction from these products. Naomi realised that the new market requirements for HR management are not properly understood by the HR systems providers out there, and was determined to find a better way. HR systems needed to support the entire HR lifecycle of the organisation and its employees, yet still be capable of being implemented in a reasonable time frame at a reasonable cost and at an acceptable risk. The only way was to create, from the ground up, an HR Software system that was fundamentally designed from the outset to cater for the specialised needs of Companies, HR management, line managers and employees.

Like most great software systems, CBARS human Capital Management Software had humble beginnings. Naomi, with a couple of software programmers around the dining room table, (since the garage was used for something else the dining room was the second best place to start a great software company!), sat through nights and weekends creating what would eventually become the largest, most flexible HR management software system available. By the end of year one, the first prototype emerged …. and it worked! An ecstatic Naomi called the new HR software “Competency Based Assessment and Recruitment Solution” (CBARS in short).

Over the years the CBARS Human Capital Management Software product has gone from strength to strength and has been successfully implemented across a broad spectrum of industries and organisational sizes. HR Software system requirements are by nature dynamic and ever changing. At CBARS our research and development never stops, to ensure that CBARS stays the world’s most comprehensive, most flexible HR software system, with the effect that, our human capital management software always works: for companies, for managers, for employees.


CBARS HR Software System HRIS2

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